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Avoiding “Culture Rejection” in Healthcare Mergers and Acquisitions

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How New Heights Community Health Centres and York Community Services minimized the culture risk when forming Unison Health and Community Services Healthcare Quarterly Vol.16, No.1, 2013  p.85 By Jeff Chan Abstract Among the requirements for a successful merger or acquisition are strategic rationales, rigorous due diligence, the right price and revenue and cost synergies. However, bridging the culture gap between organizations is frequently overlooked. The leaders of new Heights Community Health Centres and York Community Services explicitly considered culture in their merger to form Unison Health and Community Services, and they used employee engagement surveys to assess culture in their merger planning and post-merger integration. How Unison Health leaders avoided the risk of culture rejection to achieve a successful merger,...

Three Horizons of Growth

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Companies need to balance present operations against future possibilities to ensure success Post 2000 Report On The Nation: Management National Post, Post 2000, November 22, 1997, p 18 By Mehrdad Baghai and Jeff Chan     Many companies in Western economies are suffering from restructuring fatigue. Managers are asking, as are their concerned shareholders, about growth. Specifically, they’re asking about strategies to make their companies grow The need to grow is deemed to be so great that in some economies such as Germany and France seeking solutions to corporate growth has become part of the national agenda. This is because of its significant impact on employment For three years, McKinsey & Company has examined the ways companies grow. The research...

99 Hottest Trends in Business

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PROFIT , September/1998, p. 41 By Jeff Chan         #1. Three Horizons of Growth. Some of the most cutting-edge firms are one-trick ponies dependent on a single product, notes Jeff Chan of McKinsey & Company in Toronto. To sustain growth, many firms are adopting a three-horizon approach: Horizon One: a strong core business Horizon Two: new businesses that are being formed and may not even be profitable yet. Management is focused on increasing revenues and market share. Horizon Three: new ideas and dream businesses. Top management encourages various pilot projects in hope of developing a new product or business model, but will quickly cut off investment if the project looks doomed. # 2. Staircases to Growth. In...